Neue Regeln der ISAF

So ab heute, also ab dem 01.01.2010 gelten mal wieder ein paar Änderungen der ISAF bzgl. der RRS. Ich denke aber, dass sich für uns auf dem Wasser nicht wirklich bemerkbar macht, denn die Regel 18 haben wir in der Regel ja nicht so weit ausgenutzt, dass die neuerliche Änderung von unserer Seite aus notwendig geworden wäre ;o)

Hilfreich zum Verständnis ist sicher die Seite von Uli Finckh ( ) und dort dan nder Link zu Änderungen von 2010. Dort gibt es eine deutsche Übersetzung und vor allem den Kommentar, der die Gründe der Änderung erläutert.
Auf der Homepage der ISAF ließt sich das dann so:

The International Sailing Federation (ISAF) announced today that, as a result of actions taken by the ISAF Racing Rules Committee and the ISAF Council during the ISAF Annual Conference, several changes in The Racing Rules of Sailing for 2009-2012 will take effect on 1 January 2010.
Rule 18.2(c) will be changed to prohibit a newly discovered and potentially dangerous tactic that was an unintended consequence of the current wording of this rule. The revised rule will no longer permit a boat to tack just before she reaches a mark and, as a result of her tack, become entitled to mark-room from boats that had been clear ahead of her when they reached the zone. A parallel change in rule B3.1(c) outlaws a similar tactic in a sailboard race.

The definition Obstruction will be changed so that a boat racing will no longer be an obstruction to other boats that are required to give her room or mark-room. This change will simplify the analysis of some situations near a mark in which both rules 18 and 19 apply, and it will not otherwise change the ‘game’.

Additions will be made to the definition Party to correct unintended omissions. The revised definition will mean that, whenever redress is requested for a boat by the race committee or considered for a boat by the protest committee, that boat will be a party to the resulting hearing. Also, a race committee that requests redress for a boat will also become a party when its request is heard.

A new rule, rule C2.12, will be added to the Match Racing Rules. It will prohibit a tactic at the windward mark that the match racing community does not wish to allow.

After the 2009 rulebook was printed, ISAF revised its Advertising Code and, in so doing, eliminated all references to Category A advertising. References to the Advertising Code in Appendices J, K and L will be changed to make them consistent with the revised Code.

Click here to show the changes made in detail.

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The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) are the definitive rules which govern sailing races around the world.

They are revised and published every four years by ISAF.

The RRS is available to view on the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing page at Marginal markings indicate important changes to the rules in Parts 1–7 and the Definitions. You can also order your hardcopy of the RRS 2009-2012 direct from ISAF at

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